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Yes, we’ve all been there. We think it would be fun to have a few people over for dinner. So, we turn to Pinterest to find a couple of enticing recipes. Before you know it, you are waist deep in Julia Child’s famous beef bourguignon recipe, arranging the perfect centerpiece, and tossing back a stiff martini. Suddenly, you snap out of your daydream/nightmare (depending on your cooking abilities) and realize you’re only drinking a martini… not that that’s a bad situation.

Entertaining is a great way to reach out, try new food, and have an amazing evening, so, we’re going to debunk seven myths regarding the perfect party:


  1. Serving complicated food is more special.

If you want to cook anything at all and invite people to partake, they’ll love you for it. It doesn’t have to be Julia Child-worthy or something found at 5th Street. It can be as simple as a soup, salad and bread supper, a taco bar, or a picnic in the back yard. Your guests will feel special simply by being included.


  1. It’s too expensive to host!

It can be… but it doesn’t have to be! Pick one entree and a beverage to accompany it. Appetizers, desserts, and a full bar are not the new normal. If you’d like more courses or additional drinks, don’t be afraid to ask your closer guests to bring something. Getting together is more important than fancy.


  1. Your guests care if your house is spotless.

False! Clean table, clean kitchen, clean bathroom with fresh towels, clean glass of wine. You’re good to go.


  1. Splitting up couples is awkward… only if they are!

Personally, I love when strangers sit side by side. Conversation becomes WAY more interesting. Now, if you know you invited that incredibly awkward work couple out of pity, then keep them together for the sake of your other guests!


  1. Spontaneous hosting is impossible or can’t be done well.

Absolutely false! Sometimes the best parties are unexpected. You’re with some friends having brunch out on a Saturday morning. Everyone’s having fun but the meal is finished, and the waitress is eyeing your table. Just shout it out: “Another drink at my house!” and have everyone over for a potluck afternoon barbeque.


  1. Fine china is necessary for an upscale dinner.

Pfft. Matching paper plates are nice, nice everyday dinnerware is luxe. Again – It’s all about getting together. Creativity will always trump bucks when it comes to setting a fabulous table.


  1. The More the Merrier!

This is often true, but as host feel free to nix an ever-growing guest list. Each party has an ambiance and style – some just aren’t designed to be huge. When your guest asks to add “just one more”, gently tell them “Sorry, this one’s full, but I’d love to meet that person. I’ll keep their name for the next one!


You’re all set to go – just remember the sound advice of Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t worry, be happy”, and your guests will do the same. If you’re invited, bring a little something, flowers, a bottle of wine, a bottle of olive oil, an arty French dishtowel for the oven door, or a box of chocolate truffles for your generous host.


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    I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.

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